About Us

Tamura Elcomponics Technologies Pvt Ltd, Started in the year 2007 as a joint venture company between Romarsh Ltd – UK and Elcomponics India to start manufacturing magnetic wound components such as dry type transformers and reactors to Power Sector Industry.

(Formerly Known as Romarsh Elcomponics Technologies Pvt. Ltd)

Since 1969, Romarsh Ltd – UK is one of the World's leading companies in the design & manufacture of wound power components which is now a part of Tamura Corporation, has particular expertise in the design & manufacture of components for the UPS, Traction, Machine tool, Motor drives, Medical, Power generation & other industrial equipment markets.

Tamura Corporation, a world-class manufacturer of high quality electronic components for the global industrial, telecom and consumer markets having state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities  and cutting edge technologies in Japan (HQ), Asia, Europe and America and Mexico to support leading edge technologies for the future high demand applications and  have proven financial Strength, Innovation and ability to grow for more than 80 years.

 As part of the Tamura Corporation we invest in our customers’ future by providing an avenue of product development that promotes local engineering, low cost manufacturing coupled with local logistics, technical and quality support.

The company name changed from Romarsh Elcomponics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. To Tamura Elcomponics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on date 28th -Oct-2013

Elcomponics started in 1988 offers a wide range of wiring harness in India to Consumer Durables, Power Electronics & Home Appliance industries. It’s also one of the Largest Exporter of Wire Harness in India to various countries.

"Elcomponics applies a specific industry experience to create a tailored business experience."

Elcomponics is having five manufacturing plants in India located at Noida & Banglore which are synonymous with excellence and expertise in the electrical industry. With approximately 1,000 employees worldwide, we have an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value, and technology in everything we make and do


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