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  • K factor/Isolation
  • Transformers
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  • High Frequency Inductors
  • UL approved Transformers
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We have been producing Inductors / reactors for various application like UPS, Motor drives Traction, Solar, wind energy segments etc for the past 6 years and where as our partner Tamura are having 80 Years of experience in design and manufacturing. We both always ensure best quality and Performance in our entire range of products.

  • 1-Phase and 3-Phase inductors
  • Detuned reactors for Power factor correction
  • Smoothening Reactors
  • Input Choke for Drives
  • Output Choke for Drives
  • Line Inductors
  • Filter Chokes
  • Air Core Chokes
  • DC Chokes & Rectifiers
  • AC harmonic and ripple filtering
  • Inverter / Converter Line Chokes
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Balancing reactors
  • Up to Class H insulation and Temperature Rise
  • Any other custom made chokes as per customer specifications
  • UL Labelled Products

K-factor Isolation Transformers

K- Factor plays an important role in Isolation transformer segment where in RETPL has a vast experience is suppressing unwanted harmonics. The K-Factor rating assigned to a Transformer is in accordance with the listing of Underwriters Laboratories, is an index of the transformer's ability to supply harmonic content in its load current while remaining within its operating temperature limits. A specific K-factor rating indicates that a transformer can supply its rated KVA load output to a load of specified amount of harmonic content. We can produce various K – rated transformers such as K1, K4, K9, K13, and K20 and also according to customer specification which depends on their load factor.

Traction Transformers and Reactors

Over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of wound components for use in rolling stock and trackside applications. From its initial supply of MA set chokes for the UK market in the early 1970's we now have products in use throughout the world.

  • Components used in frequency converters up to 500KW.
  • DC booster chokes. & Motor chokes and inductive diverts.
  • Air cored and iron cored inductors both naturally air-cooled and forced air-cooled.
  • Three-phase line reactors for harmonic filtering utilising high-grade low loss electrical steels with zero magnetostriction for minimum noise emission
  • Single-phase and three-phase converter output isolation transformers with normal or high leakage reactance.
  • Transformer and filter inductors in medium frequency charging systems
  • Transformers and DC power supplies for trackside signalling
  • K-Factor transformers for use with UPS signal protection.

Dry Type Distribution and lighting Transformers

Dry-Type transformers have an added advantage over oil-immersed transformers. An important issue is safety. With minimum maintenance and long life, they have no fire hazard and do not need any venting to toxic gases. These do not have any ecological restrictions and are convenient because of their compact sizes, High Short Circuit Strength, Better repair possibilities at site, low cost of Installation and maintenance.

TETPL can also make distribution transformers for the following specifications

  • Up to 33 kV, 2500 kVA
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnated type
  • Off-Circuit Transformers with or without enclosures
  • As per IS 2026, IS 11171 , IEC 76
  • Both in Copper and Aluminium foil winding

High Frequency Inductors

Our world class R&D team has proven excellent in choosing the appropriate magnetic material for different applications of inductors, especially high operating frequency. We have successfully made Air-Core chokes, Iron Core Chokes and also used special materials such as Amorphous core, Powder cores and low thickness magnetic material for our inductors to improve efficiency. We have studied and developed innovative solutions for renewable energy sectors like solar and wind. We can also provide UL marked products.

  • Amorphous cores / Powder cores / Special sheet laminations
  • Inductors up to 5000 Hz made for Renewable energy sectors such as Solar and Wind.
  • Inductors up to 1000A at high frequency
  • Both in 3-Phase and 1-Phase
  • UL Marked Products

UL Approved Transformers

RETPL Starting from beginning is one of the companies in India to have UL (Underwriters' Laboratory) approval for our range of products which is an advantage to most of the OEMs that export to USA. Our UL range is attractive for all OEMs that export to America. Products made as per the UL standard ensure complete Quality, durability and strength in various climatic conditions with very high operating temperatures. We offer excellent quality at competitive prices.

  • Rating up to 1000 KVA, 1000 V
  • Up to 240 deg Class
  • UL- File No.E157312(155, 180 & 220 Class)
  • UL- File No.E347466(240Class)
  • Both in 1-phase and 3-phase transformers
  • Class H & C insulation and Temperature
  • Raw materials procured from UL approved vendors

Special Application Magnetics

We Provide solutions to meet the electrical & mechanical specifications, to consolidate the proven design for cost effective volume production. Transformers in both single-phase and three-phase configuration, chokes, inductors and AC/DC power systems are manufactured to the requirement of each application with the emphasis on quality and reliability. We have a well established expertise in high current and high voltage applications along with a wealth of knowledge in producing medium frequency solutions to Telecommunications, Process Control, UV Technology, Ozone and Corona Generation, Electro- Medical Equipment, Environmental test equipment, refrigeration and Air- Conditioning, Broadcast transmission equipment etc. Please do get in touch with us for any special applications...


  • UPS
  • Traction
  • Machine Tools
  • Industrial
  • Defence
  • Medical
  • Renewable Energy

Our products can meet all the international standards such IS / IEC / UL / ROHS etc

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