Success in the transformer industry can only come through development

As part of this ethos, Romarsh is engaged in an ongoing R&D projects making improvements across our range. These projects are especially concerned with the analysis of transformers and inductors operating at high frequencies. By accurately measuring and determining the cause of high frequency or harmonic losses we will be able to provide units of previously unparalleled efficiency at the minimum cost required to fulfil your needs.

Recent R & D Milestones

Development of an improved varnish system allowing us to meet even the most demanding requirements of the traction industry. The acquisition and production of test equipment allowing non-invasive Inrush measurement directly from the mains. The optimisation of our CV range of transformers to provide best value design without compromising reliability.

Future R & D Milestones

The completion of a Variable Frequency High Power test bench to test transformers and inductors up to 20KVA (Three Phase or Single Phase) at up to 10KHz. The optimisation of our KTX range and high frequency operation transformers based on the results of our ongoing research.


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